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Culture and Climate


Seek to know, understand, and include all members of our school community
Take care of our school, ourselves, and each other
Authentically share our truths
Repair harm and restore relationships
Strive to maintain a growth mindset and achieve our goals

2023-2025 School Work Plan

Strategies for Improving our Culture and Climate

Family Outreach & InvolvmentStaff will establish positive and collaborative relationships with families to support student learning and growth through:

  • Determining and utilizing the best mode of communication for each student’s family.
  • Regularly sharing information about what students are collectively and individually learning and experiencing at school.
  • Actively upending the historic patterns of teacher communication reinforcing the othering and disconnection of our marginalized students.
  • Ensuring that families authentically know and understand their child’s level of mastery of grade level standards. 
  • Seeing and engaging families as partners by centering student experience and validating families’ lived experiences.

Restorative, Responsive, and Inclusive PracticesOur Culture and Climate Team will lead all-school work to: 

  • Strengthen proactive and reactive restorative practices across grade levels.
  • Implement education and inclusion related to neurodiversity and disabilities for students at all grade levels.
  • Support staff in relationship and community building.